Peter Rabbit Organics and Giveaway

Too bad Peter Rabbit Organics weren’t around when my daughter was little. We would have snatched the pouches up by the dozen. For starters, they’re delicious — extremely flavorful and unusually fresh tasting, not qualities normally associated with purchased baby food. They’re completely organic and contain 100% fruit or veggies — no added sugar, salt or artificial ingredients. The portions are generous – each pouch contains 70-85 calories and plenty of fiber and vitamins. The pouches are easy to use, either with a spoon or to eat directly from. They’re extremely portable and durable and don’t need refrigerating before opening. And, unexpectedly, you can even re-cap each BPA-free pouch and refrigerate to finish later. All good!

Our testers of all ages (kid to adult) enjoyed all 5 sample flavors. “Strawberry Banana” and “Mango, Banana and Orange” were exact blends of those ingredients, resulting in flavors that were very bright and evenly balanced. “Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple” had a deep and distinct sweet potato-and-apple taste, with a subtle hint of corn. Both squash and apple flavors came through nicely in the bolder tasting “Carrot, Squash and Apple” blend, with the carrot being exceedingly subtle. “Pea, Spinach and Apple” offered a nice taste appropriately dominated by fresh pea, with a hint of sweet apple. (We couldn’t taste any spinach, though we’re sure it was there!)

All the flavors we tasted were quite good. You’ll have to try a few to find your little one’s personal preference. (Older testers liked the fruit flavors and thought those would make good on-the-go snacks for sports teams.) Peter Rabbit Organics are available at lots of stores around the U.S. and online. (I also learned that the products are U.S.-made.)

I’m giving away a box with 12 assorted flavors of Peter Rabbit Organics, so that one lucky reader can try them, too! To enter, leave a comment on my blog and let me know what flavor you or your little one is most looking forward to trying. I’ll choose a computer-generated random winner. The giveaway closes Friday, March 9, Midnight, Pacific Time. Good luck!

Please note: Though I am occasionally sent products for review, I am not compensated, and reviews are honest, factual to the best of my knowledge, and my own.

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16 responses to “Peter Rabbit Organics and Giveaway

  1. My son would probably like all the flavors, but I’d like him to try the Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple. So far he’s not a corn fan, but this would probably change his mind.

  2. I think my daughter would most like carrot, squash and apple :)

  3. Jessica Hughes

    The Carrot, Squash, and Apple pouch looks interesting! I’m a fan of getting my two-year-old to eat veggies any way I can. We’ve tried the all-fruit pouches before with much success and would love to try all the different flavors!

  4. I would have to say my daughter would probably like the Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple best.

  5. Sweet potato, corn, and apple sounds like a yummy fall dish.

  6. We would really love to have the Sweet Potato, Corn, and Apple one!!

    RickiReviews at gmail dot com

  7. My guys would love the Mango, Banana & Orange I’m sure–thanks!

  8. Dojna Shearer

    My sixteen-month-old would go crazy for the carrot, squash, and apple.

  9. The sweet potato, corn, and apple looks really good!

  10. Mango, banana orange for my coming baby

  11. Joanne Galvin

    Wow pea spinach and apple that’s a guaranteed hit but also a guaranteed Messy baby :)

  12. Pea, Spinach and apple sounds like the perfect way to get my little boy eating his greens.

  13. Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple would be a favorite around our house

  14. My little guy would LOVE Mango Banana Orange!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. We’ve tried several Peter Rabbit products. My son lives the peas, spinach and apple. Wouldn’t mind trying pear and apple or banana and apple. I discovered them at an REI in Seattle. I only wish carried all the flavors (they seem to be the cheapest) or that I could find all the flavors in a store close buy. This product is awesome. If I can read all the ingredients, that’s a plus. If I can get my anti-vegetable kids to eat peas and spinach, well then I would say this product is the best.

  16. We have a winner!

    It is Jasmine! Congratulations, Jasmine.

    Jasmine was randomly chosen using this free app:

    Thank you so much everyone who entered the giveaway. I appreciate your participation and do urge you to give Peter Rabbit Organics a try. I hope to see you all here again soon.

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