Happy Pi Day! Celebrate with Pie

I first learned about Pi Day when my daughter was in Middle School. I wondered where this day had been my whole life. Best celebrated at 1:59 p.m. on March 14 to match the first few digits of the number Pi (and the extent of most people’s memorization, 3.14159), with a pie, of course — savory or dessert version.

Math moment: What is Pi anyway? Ahem — Pi is the number expressing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It’s used in engineering, science and statistics and begins with 3.14 and goes on into infinity. It’s also captured a lot of people’s imaginations. The record for Longest Pi Recitation belongs to belongs to Japan’s Hiroyuki Goto, who memorized 42,195 digits. How is that even possible?? A teen holds the North American record.

It seems Pi Day as we know it didn’t catch on until about 20 years ago, when it was begun at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Now it is celebrated around the world.

I’ve gathered a few pies to help you celebrate. It seems like a more fun way to mark the day than memorizing digits. But, to each his or her own!

From the Gourmand Mom comes everything from Pumpkin Coconut Pie to Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie.

This is my own recipe for Classic Apple Pie. You could add a Pi symbol in crust (or cut out a Pi symbol)  to the top of this, or any, pie.

Seeking something savory? This Shitake, Leek and Chicken Sausage Pie comes from Pie Maven.

When I think of Pie Mavens, I think of my friend Leah Brooks and her stunning and sometimes unexpected fruit pies, like apple with thyme or double lemon blueberry, or her chocolate cream, pumpkin, lattice-topped cherry, or perfect pecan pies!

This one from Serious Eats may take the, uh, cake. It is made in the shape of the pi sign!

Enjoy your Pi Day!

Updated for 2015: This year’s is an especially wonderful Pi Day as we will hit 3/14/15 at 9:26:53—the first 10 digits of Pi!

Photos: Orlando News Center, Serious Eats

Image: allisonweiss.tumblr.com

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8 responses to “Happy Pi Day! Celebrate with Pie

  1. Wow! thanks for the huzzah, Suz! And remember, ANY day can be Pie Day! :)

  2. I’d never heard of pi day until this pi day.
    The cultural difference for us is that we write our date dd/mm/yy rather than mm/dd/yy so our pi day should be 31st April, but no 31st…or 3rd day of month 14 – hmmm I think we have a problem, Houston!

  3. Pi is one of my favourite numbers and pie is one of my favourite food. It’s a serendipitous combination!

  4. Hi Karyn and Juliet! I’m so glad you both visited and enjoyed the post and the holiday!

    Karyn, that’s interesting about the international variations of noting the date, and how that might effect commemorations of Pi Day. I read about a group (the Pie Council? ) that was lobbying for Pie Day to represent some form of the numbers 1-2-3, to coincide with the expressions “easy as pie” and “easy as 1-2-3.” I’m not sure that solves the problem you note, however .. (Celebrate Mar. 12?)

    Juliet, I’m cheered that you are enjoying the Pi/Pie combination so!

  5. Your pi(e) crust is gorgeous! We celebrate Pi day at our house too,with pie and othe circular foods.

    • Hi there! Thank you for visiting and commenting. I love your idea of making circular foods! I also love your blog. Your pi cupcake post is festive and I am a huge coffee cake enthusiast, so yours went right on my list. The wonderful pi crust isn’t mine, alas, but it does inspire me to make one for next Pi Day!

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