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Visit Bubblehead Soap Co. to see our home-made artisan soaps and to read about our mother-daughter business.



Thanks for visiting, Suz and Anna

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  1. These are wonderful!!! How do you get those shapes?

  2. Thanks so much! We use a variety of molds and pouring techniques. We’re always experimenting and creating fun new designs. Soapmaking is a wonderfully boundless endeavor.

  3. CUTE family! Soaps are nice, too!


    Do you scent your soaps ??

    • We do scent our soaps, with everything from Arabian Spice and Birthday Cake to Ocean Breeze and Ylang Ylang. We enjoy working with both essential oils and fragrance oils.

      Scenting the soaps is definitely one of the most fun parts of making them. There’s a dash of chemistry, a splash of experimentation. And just being surrounded with great smells adds to the experience.

      We make unscented soap, too, of course, for people who are sensitive to scent or want a simpler soap. We don’t get asked for it often.

      You can see a whole list of our scents on our web site, http://www.bubbleheadsoap.com. (Hmm, perhaps we should have a contest to come up with a new one!)

  5. Suz:

    very impressive: creative, professional & fun! – so you!

    • Hi Kath! Thank you so much. That’s high praise from someone who’s extremely artistic and multi-talented, as well as being a successful businessperson. I appreciate the kind words, and am glad that the fun we have making our soaps comes through in the final product.

  6. These are the greatest looking homemade soaps I’ve ever come across! Do you plan to add a shopping cart to your website? I hope so!

  7. Hi Annica! Thanks so much for visiting and for your extraordinarily lovely comment! Your blog is terrific, by the way — so extensive — and I’m very glad to know about it. I hope to learn more about essential oils, herbs, and the other topics you cover.

    As for the soap, a shopping cart is in the works when we upgrade the web site from a simple home-made one. In the meantime, orders can be placed by e-mail or phone. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and for asking.

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