Slow Family Voted Top San Francisco Mom Blog on Circle of Moms

I’m thrilled and surprised to have been voted the Top San Francisco Bay Area Mom Blog on the Circle of Moms community site, among extremely close competition. Some of my pals are also on the Top 25 list, such as Frog Mom, A Little Yumminess and The Family Chef. I also got to discover some other beautiful and inspiring blogs, such as Goat Notes, Suburban Homestead and Using Our Words. I suggest you check out the entire list for gorgeous photos, great resources and fun family ideas.

The other thing I discovered is what an outrageously supportive, talented, energetic, enthusiastic, funny, loyal — and did I mention supportive? — circle of friends and readers I have. I can’t begin to count the number of you who voted, asked friends and families to vote (repeatedly!), cheered from the sidelines, wrote kind notes, and voted again — from across the U.S. into France, Germany and New Zealand. I so appreciate the support and camaraderie. For a couple of weeks, for an internet contest, you made my world feel like a village. That is the best prize of all, and for that I will always be grateful.

Earlier this year, I was also very honored and surprised to make Red Tricycle‘s list of favorite San Francisco Bay Area parent blogs. I am also grateful to have made Power Moms Unite‘s 7 Blogs for an Inspired, Simple Life. And, earlier, to have been granted a One Lovely Blog Award from Green Phone Booth. You will want to check out the other blogs on all three sites.

I hope, like me, you’ll keep supporting blogs and people who promote living with intention, fun, beauty, community, appreciation and warmth. And, if you still have a little voting left in you, I suggest you visit the Circle of Moms Top 25 SoCal Mom Blogs contest and join me in voting for two great nature-blog pals, Go Explore Nature and Fun Orange County Parks. :)


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6 responses to “Slow Family Voted Top San Francisco Mom Blog on Circle of Moms

  1. Congratulations! Very nice honor!!!!!!!

  2. I’m so excited for you, Suz! And I know just what you mean about discovering how amazing our friends/readers/community is. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for the mention – I’m so proud to be part of this little slice of the Internet.

  3. Hi Suz! Thanks for the shout-out! I have to say, I have been following your blog ever since I moved to the Bay Area and have always enjoyed your take on things. I will definitely be visiting often (: Congrats on making the list…you have a lot of love connected to you…and you totally deserve it.

  4. Thumbs UP for all of your hard work! You make it all seem effortless.

  5. Thank you so much, Weekend Cowgirl, Debi, Julia and Lippy! I so appreciate your comments.

    Debi, you put that really well, and I know you’re experiencing much of the same camaraderie in this community you and many have created around nature and play. Well done!

    Julia, I’m so glad we “met” through this contest and I’m flattered that you have been reading. I will also continue to keep up with your blog and adventures. Thank you for your kind words.

    Lippy, thank YOU for your continued amazing support. As for making it look effortless? *snort*

  6. Congratulations! Two-thumbs up for you! Being a mother is a full time job and I salute you for being one of the best! :)

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