Back to School: Green Sandwich and Snack Bags


We picked up into these re-usable sandwich and snack bags from Graze Organic at the Renegade Craft Fair last month in San Francisco, and we’ve been using (and re-using) them ever since. Aside from being so cute and novel that people always comment on them when they come out, they’re made in the U.S. of 100% organic cotton. There’s not even a plastic lining, which is also good. (As a result, they’re not suitable for every food, but sandwiches, whole fruits, dried snacks and more are just fine in them.) As we’re trying to cut down on plastic, they make a fantastic alternative to plastic bags, something that’s harder to find than lunch and other sacks. We hand-wash between uses. You can also machine-wash. A set of 3 bags (sandwich/fruit/surprise or sandwich/veggie/snack) is $24. Graze also makes napkins and these cute, green totes.

Seeking other great green ideas for Back to School?

Red Tricycle has a particularly wonderful list of 10 Eco-Friendly Back to School Essentials for Kids.

I also like this list of 8 Green Back-to-School Products from Sprout Savvy.

Care 2 also offers ideas for Green Back to School.

What are some of yours?


Photos: Graze Organic

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9 responses to “Back to School: Green Sandwich and Snack Bags

  1. Thanks – even though I’m across the pond, it’s interesting to know what’s out there!

  2. These look awesome. Thanks for sharing. With school starting up all of us have lunch box on our minds….

  3. PS – just voted for you everywhere!

  4. Hi there, Simran! So glad you popped by. The peach cobbler recipe on your site looks fantastic! I’m eager to try it. Thanks, as ever, for your support and inspiration.

  5. So very cute, especially the robot.

  6. Hi Pamela! They are indeed! Glad you like them. Thank you for all the great inspiration about victory gardening. Cheers!

  7. Those sandwich and snack bags looks so cute! I’m sure that the children are very excited to open the “surprise” bag.

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