Photo Friday: Mouthwatering Watermelon

With July 4th and the height of summer approaching, it seemed a good time to focus on bright, flavorful, colorful, summer-invoking, mouthwatering watermelon, painted and real.

I hope you have a terrific holiday (if you celebrate) or otherwise enjoyable weekend.

Have you seen and photographed something unusual, whimsical, beautiful, or otherwise interesting in your travels? Has anything surprised you or caused you to pause? Or have you simply experienced a small, lovely moment that you wanted to capture? If so, I hope you’ll share with us by leaving a comment with a link to your photo. I look forward to seeing it!

Photo by Susan Sachs Lipman

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2 responses to “Photo Friday: Mouthwatering Watermelon

  1. I can’t help myself — I love watermelon, and these photos look too delicious, remind me of the Pablo Neruda poem, “Ode to the Watermelon.” Here are a couple lines that accompany perfectly your photos:

    Es la fruta del árbol de la sed.
    Es la ballena verde del verano.

    It is the fruit of refreshment’s tree.
    It is the green whale of summer.

  2. What a beautiful poem! Wow, Amy. Thanks so much for coming by and sharing. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a happy, celebratory 4th.

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