Photo Friday: Gather ye Rosebuds

There are those who find Valentine’s Day trite — a Hallmark holiday, at best — and scoff at roses, chocolates, teddy bears, balloons, and other designations of love. Not me! In addition to celebrating love every day I can, I admit to being a complete sucker for Valentines signs and symbols — for sweet doily-bordered hearts, home-made meals, romantic gifts, and bunches of brightly colored flowers that appear in profusion in the dead of winter. I like seeing them all lined up at the market like these, just waiting for someone (even if at the last minute) to decide to scoop some up just because it’s the best and most extravagant way at the moment to proclaim their feelings.

Have you seen and photographed something unusual, whimsical, beautiful, or otherwise interesting in your travels? Has anything surprised you or caused you to pause? Or have you simply experienced a small, lovely moment that you wanted to capture? If so, I hope you’ll share with us by leaving a comment with a link to your photo. I look forward to seeing it!

Photo by Susan Sachs Lipman

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6 responses to “Photo Friday: Gather ye Rosebuds

  1. I can smell those roses and feel the love! Again, thanks for hosting the fun. Here’s mine for this week:

  2. If it weren’t for the indigestibilty of the waxy chocolates, the dried almost black petals on the usually crimson American Beauty roses, and the overpriced cards bought at the local supermarket, I would love it.
    I doyearn for grade school days when a paper doily; red, pink and white construction paper , glitter and a shoebox and a box of redhots were all you needed to have Valentine’s Day.
    Guess you could call me a cynical romantic. Ah what the heck, pop open that bottle of Veuve Cliquot and I’m there!

    • Hi Michele! I love that you’ve taken to Photo Friday. Your picture is quite strange and wondrous. I love it. I bet you had a good laugh when you saw it the emoticon in the rear view. It seems like a good omen of some kind!

      Hello Woodstock Willie! You have some good points about the range of Valentine items available and a great way of describing them! Thank you for reminding me of Red Hots! Haven’t thought about them in ages. They seemed to be taped onto Valentines in the day, didn’t they? Though it all , you sound pretty romantic to me.

  3. Suzi:

    i do like your valentine-making segment with the kids!!! so much more interactive and messy unlike martha stewart! it was so nostalgic for me.

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