Slow Family Receives Green Phone Booth’s One Lovely Blog Award

I just learned that Slow Family Online has been named a recipient of the One Lovely Blog award from The Green Phone Booth. Green Phone Booth is itself a fantastic blog, full of new, useful ideas for living a simpler, greener, more creative, and less consumerist life. Everything on Green Phone Booth is offered up with great humor, practicality, and pretty graphics, making it a real go-to in the world of green blogs.

Thank you, Green Phone Booth, for the award! It’s been fun to learn about the other chosen blogs, and I feel honored to be in their company. I look forward to passing on my own Blog Award, and letting you all know about some lovely blogs I’ve found, in an upcoming post.

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4 responses to “Slow Family Receives Green Phone Booth’s One Lovely Blog Award

  1. lisa wilson huffman

    Suz, what wonderful news! Much deserved, this is only the beginning.
    Best wishes, Lisa Wilson Huffman

  2. Hooray!
    It IS a lovely blog.
    Please post/boast all over Facebook!

  3. Congratulations on your award. You deserve it! Thank you for your beautifully inspiring weblog. Katie x

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