Young Crafters Prepare for Eco Fashion Show


About a dozen wonderful teens and younger girls have been busy for months preparing for an Eco Fashion Show that is slated to be part of the annual Fairfax Festival in Fairfax, CA, this Saturday. More details about the show are here. I had the good fortune to spend time with them last weekend and watch their creations and creativity bloom, as they transitioned recycled and vintage clothes to new uses and made beautiful items, while having fun, all under the auspices of Sustainable Fabric Guru Molly de Vries.


My daughter Anna opted to repurpose an old nightgown of mine that I wasn’t wearing.


As soon as she altered it, she had made it her own and was happy thinking about how she would embellish it.


She pinned this beautiful lace to the hem, and then sewed it by machine.




Meanwhile, Hannah was hand-sewing a lovely shirt made from a variety of vintage clothing and fabrics.


Jessie further embellished a beautiful pleated silk skirt that she had made. (This picture does not do it justice.)


Amanda continued adding to her own lovely brown sundress.



Annabel tried on different outfits for the show, also thinking about what to alter further.



The screen print on Annabel’s shirt was made using a tracing of a photo of this cactus:


See Part Two of this story to learn more about our screen printing fun.

Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman

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2 responses to “Young Crafters Prepare for Eco Fashion Show

  1. How cool!
    Love the designs girls. And that you are doing this with your hands. I have dabbled in sewing and weaving, and been a carpenter for years. Nothing like making something with your own hands, whatever it is. It is a gift.

    Good for you! Keep on creating girls. It is a wonderful life long opportunity. Lucky you to be making your own clothes. And cool ones at that.

  2. Wow! Thank you for your beautiful note. I will pass it on to the girls. Lucky you, as well, to create with your hands. I agree that doing so is a gift for the creator as well as those who get to enjoy the fruits.

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